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How to Write A Business Website Launch Press Release(Samples & Templates Included)

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Media coverage for a press release is essential as it serves as a form of marketing strategy. It is crucial to understand the necessary skills required to write a valid website launch press releases. Questions like how long do press releases last? What information should you include? To answer these questions, you should know what is a website launch press release?

A business website press release is an official (written or recorded) publication that an organization releases to the media and other platforms, announcing to the public information relating to the organization or business.

Several years ago, people enjoyed reading information through the newspaper or television. Most of your customers and potential customers browse headlines on social media, linking them directly to the latest happenings.

People now control where, when, and how they consume information. As a result, the press release is no longer reduced to a traditional news cycle. It’s about providing relevant content when, where, and how your customers, influencers, and customers consume them.

Therefore, to write and publicize a business website press release, you should utilize all necessary platforms to ensure the information gets to your customers and potential customers when, where, and how they can receive them.

Your Business Website Launch Press Release Must Include the Following:

  • Interesting title
  • The name of the company launching the new website
  • Website focus and variety of content
  • Target group
  • The function of the target group and the value of your website to them
  • Company logo or other related images (mandatory)
  • All other exciting information about the values offered by the website/company
  • A quote from the user/customer or someone related to the business website press release
  • Website Address
  • Dateline
  • Boiler Plates – includes information about the company such as; Communication information (contact person, organization, address, telephone)

Here is a sample below to get a better idea of writing a compelling and exciting business website press release.


[Title of press release]

[Location] [Country} Issue Date: [“Instant Release” or with specified date]

[Short Brief: Briefly explain your message]

[Include statement offers from representatives related to the business website]

[Include supplementary paragraphs for more information about the presentation: attempt to answer appropriate W questions such as (where, what, why, when, who)]

[Include more quotes or more information about the business website]

[Add a call to action and a new website address; insert a link to the website where the audience can get more information.]

[Boilerplate information of the business

Contact information:

Contact Person:



Phone number:

Here are the following ways to maintain your customers’ interest and potential customers in your business website press release:

1. Write an Exciting Title

An exciting title gives you more chances to get your press release read by a journalist. It is a good idea to tag press release emails with the expression “press release.” However, a good topic is also essential.

Don’t attempt to be smart about the headline; most reporters only spend a few seconds determining whether a press release looks fascinating. If your information is difficult to understand, it might be dropped.

Your story is about starting a new business website, therefore make sure your headline is attention-grabbing and relatable to whoever will take a glance at the press release.

business website launch press release
image by Pixabay

2. Make Sure Your Story is Informative.

Before you also attempt to write a press release, reflect on the information that you enjoy reading, seeing, and hearing in the media. Most of us are usually interested in things we have never heard before, find we are surprised or help solve our problems. Before you prepare a press release, you must ask the following questions:

1. Does my website have something exciting to offer?

2. Will people be interested in my business?

4. Will everyone care about my business website?

Make it Engaging Informative

The last question sounds challenging, and one of the most vital things: the business website launch may be pleasing to you and your team, but will the customers and potential care? Will they be able to relate to what your new launch? If the answer is no, keep this press release until and tune the information till you are sure of how the public will relate with the launch. Press releases must also include a statement that the public can understand with inspiring quotes.

Most business website launch press releases are only on one-two pages above. However, the desire to give detailed information to help the media outlet have more details to publish the press release.

Furthermore, the ideal length of a press release is around 300 to 400 words. This brief is about three or four short paragraphs and a few quotes. If the press release is lengthy, you might want to proofread and remove any fluffy words.

In your introduction, don’t try to include the necessary information about your company. This, as well as further information, will be better on the second page towards the end of the release.

With the use of subheadings and bullets, the audience can correctly understand the information, especially if you provide numbers or statistics.

However, the use of quotes from representatives in your company proves useful for journalists (and is often used word for word in regional or commercial media outlets). Quotes must be used to deliver insights, ideas, and opinions that relate to or support your business website launch. You certainly don’t have to be full of methodological languages but relatable statements.

Finally, social media is full of reporters complaining about press releases or places, which do not clearly explain what the company is doing or the value of the business or message. Instead of being a joke, make your publication very easy to be used as a reference.

Keep it Simple

Explain in clear and straightforward English what value your business website launch will add to customers and potential customers. Include a link to your company homepage at the beginning and make the boilerplate precise and clear. When quoting data, add a reference link to the data source and make sure that each name in the publication has a related title and company.

Focus on creating a fascinating business website press release. The traditional form of press releases can still be precious if appropriately executed. Therefore, modernize your messages to make them more useful for your marketing.

Think about how you use input methods to change your marketing strategy to be more personal, accessible, and build relationships. The same principle applies to your press release strategy: create the content by developing your own story and use tactical information to introduce reporters and analysts to your brand.

Business Website Press Release Sample

Georgia Law Firm Stein & Fox Receives Elite Awards and a New Online Look

MORROW, Ga., June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Stein & Fox is an Atlanta-area personal injury firm with attorneys that have served Georgia clients for nearly half a century. The firm has earned strong recognition over the years for its ability to take on personal injury and wrongful death cases of all levels of complexity, recover maximum compensation for their clients, and provide highly personalized representation throughout the process.

The attorneys at Stein & Fox have recovered more than $125 million in verdicts and settlements for clients, and they have earned a reputation as a firm that fights hard for the rights of their clients and does not back down in the face of well-funded adversaries such as large insurance companies.

Stein & Fox is announcing the recent launch of their new website in partnership with Sundown Legal Marketing. Their new site features an enhanced look along with more user-friendly navigation. It also includes a click to chat feature that allows clients and visitors to seamlessly interact with the firm’s staff.

Stein & Fox is also announcing the receipt of several recent awards, which include:

Attorney Melody Fox has been named among the 2020 Georgia Super Lawyers Rising Stars

Stein & Fox – Georgia was named among the Most Innovative Accident Injury Law Specialists by the US Business News Legal Elite 2020

Stein & Fox – Georgia was named among the Best Auto Accident Personal Injury Law Firms by the US Business News Legal Elite 2020

These awards reflect the firm’s ongoing commitment to excellence as well as its ability to provide innovative legal solutions designed to secure favorable results for their clients with even the most complicated cases.

For more information about Stein & Fox, go to https://www.steinfox.com/.

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